Solving Zeno's Paradoxes

   The starting point from which Zeno's paradoxes will be solved is from the premise that motion exists. And the facts will be built around this premise and the premise will be proven to be true.
   From this point forward it will be shown that, in actuality, Zeno's Paradoxes are not paradoxes, but rather proofs of significant importance, which will uncover new concepts needed to solve the paradoxes. Two of the new concepts will hereinafter be known as "Ispace," which is zero dimensional, imaginary space (it is the mind's imagination—a window of infinite proportions), and "Tspace," which is three dimensional space where all things real exist.
   Since the mind's imagination can create almost anything, including contradicting ideas, this essay, then, will be limited to Zeno's imagination and his paradoxes.
   It has to be understood that Zeno, whether or not he realized it, was producing his paradoxes in Ispace and not in three dimensional reality. It would have been impossible for him to have created his paradoxes in Tspace where infinite distance cannot exist between two objects. Logic tells us that it doesn't matter how far apart two objects have moved in three dimensional reality, an infinite distance can never be reached between them. Since this logic cannot be refuted, it will be known as a fact.
   It is also a fact that a person can create anything with the imagination of the mind, but that which is created in the imagination is not always true in three dimensional reality.
   The entire process involved in the solution of Zeno's paradoxes evolves from the aforementioned fact. "An infinite distance cannot exist between two objects in three dimensional reality."
   Proof #1: Zeno's paradoxes are not paradoxes. Rather, they are PROOFS. By dividing the distance to be traveled into half of half of half—ad infinitum, the paradoxes prove that Zeno's distance between any two points, in his Ispace, is infinite. Since the space between point A and point B is infinite, it can be realized that this space, in Zeno's Ispace, has no measurable distance.
   Proof #2: If Zeno's Ispace cannot be measured, then it has zero dimensions. It is understood that only measurable objects have dimensions.
   And from this we derive the definition of Zeno's Ispace to be zero dimensional, imaginary space. It is strictly Zeno's imagination.  

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