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Solving Zeno's Paradoxes

Second Edition
Published by John Northern at Smashwords
copyright 10/15/2014 by John Northern

   Truth is found at that juncture in the mind where science, philosophy, and religion work hand in hand. Science, philosophy, and religion raise questions and promote ideas and theories, and then it is the responsibility of science and philosophy to prove or disprove those ideas and theories.

Table of Contents

1. Convergence on an Infinite Series - Using Calculus
2. Calculus and the Paradoxes
3. Some Series Converge: The Ruler Series
4. Convergence on an Infinite Series - Using Algebra
5. Converging Absolutely
6. Why Do Mathematicians Converge an Infinite Series and Give it a Finite Number?

7. Time
8. Solving Zeno's Paradoxes
9. Solution
10. Footnotes
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