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Word length = 10,000+



                  A humorous, science fiction, short story.

    A few minutes later, as everyone was eating, I said to my crew, "Yesterday I received a call from a concerned citizen. He wanted to hire me for a 'very strange case' as he put it. When I asked what was the consternation, he asked 'What? And I asked, "Why is it strange?" He said it was about three polar bears in a pear tree. It was at that time I decided not to take the case. I asked, "When was the last time you had a psych eval?" And I hung up.     The crew acted like they normally acted when I told them something strange, and in this case about the three polar bears in a pear tree.
    Captain Dumble nodded his head, started to take a bite of roast beef, but the meat fell off the fork and he stabbed himself in the lower lip.
    Pete's nose wiggled—even being short it could still wiggle.
    Doreen laughed.
    The Chief looked content.
    And Celine took a dainty bite, chewed, swallowed and said something totally irrelevant. It sounded like something she just had to get off her chest, which was kind a silly because I didn’t see anything on her chest; except her blouse. She said, "You don’t have to talk in secret around us. We know you're from another planet."
    "What!?" I gulped. "How could you possibly know that? . . . Errr, I mean, what would make you think such a ridiculous idea?"