Today's Value for Pi is Incorrect

Written by Dr. John G. Rose
Copyright © May 15, 2018

   Throughout the history of mathematics, it has been found that infinity can be tricky, in fact, very, very tricky. And, considering this essay, when working with infinity you must be aware that in three-dimensional reality, a.k.a. the real, material world, or the world we live in, infinity cannot exist between two points.
   It is always important to distinguish what can exist only in the imagination from what exists simultaneously in the imagination and in the real world. Since pi is used to represent real, material objects, it cannot be infinite.
    To prove that infinity cannot exist between two points in the real world—the imagination, three-dimensional reality, mathematics, and logic will be used.
    Consider two objects in space. They start traveling away from each other faster and faster, but no matter how fast they go nor how long they travel there will never be an infinite distance between them. Picture this in your imagination.

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