Today's Value for Pi
is Incorrect

   Throughout the history of mathematics it has been found that infinity can be tricky, in fact, very, very tricky. And when working with infinity you must be aware that in three dimensional reality, infinity cannot exist between two points.
To prove this statement—the imagination, three dimensional reality, math, and logic will be used:
   1. Let's consider two rocks in space. They start traveling away from each other faster and faster, but no matter how fast they go nor how long they travel there will never be an infinite distance between them. Picture this in your imagination.
   2. For the second proof I will use Zeno's paradox, but I will use a different example than what he uses.
   My stride is 3 feet from the tip of my toe on one foot to the back of my heel on the other foot. When I take the stride to move across the living room, I first have to move my foot one half the stride or 1.5 feet, and next I have to move one half the stride of the distance which remains or a total of 2.25 feet, and then I have to move one half that distance or 2.625, and then one half that distance or 2.8107, and then half or 2.90445, ad infinitum. Which means my foot is getting closer and closer to the end of my stride which is 3 feet, but I will never complete the stride because it has to go an infinite distance. But Zeno takes it a step further, and I'm sure with tongue in cheek he indicates that before I can reach half my stride I first have to reach half of the distance of half my stride or 0.75 feet, but I have to reach half of that distance or 0.375 feet, and half of that distance or 0.1857 feet, and half that distance or 0.090445 feet, ad infinitum. And this means my foot will never leave the floor. And therefore, he concludes, motion does not exist. "Motion is a figment of our imagination," he says. But we know motion is a reality, and I can walk across the floor. I can see Zeno, after his meeting with the other philosophers, going home and laughing his ass off. The solution to this paradox was not discovered for nearly 2,500 years.

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