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Word length = 222,000+

Lor Dak                                 Book Five


    Lor Dak fights to save Princess Diane from being executed, and at the same time he continues to encounter obstacles as he searches for the inner key, which will allow him entrance into the chambers of the Ancients.


    “If you try it,” said the jester, “you will be making a deadly mistake. I will be forced to kill you, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”
    Phister ignored him and reached for his hands. But instead, the jester moved so fast he was like a blur. He grabbed Phister’s hand, pulled him forward, and grabbed his shirt. He lifted Phister over his head and threw him forward, and into the fire. The man screamed and writhed to a standing position. With flames shooting up his back and front, he ran from the fire and half buried himself in a large patch of snow in an attempt to put out the blaze that was burning his body.


    “I’ve heard of Lor Dak,” yelled Grimley in anger. “And he’s nothing but a myth—a fictional character made up by lonely, sad, and destitute people who need a hero.”
    Lor Dak had heard enough. He grabbed a barstool, set it in front of him, and used his sword to slice it in half, then he kicked it, and the two halves flew across the room and crashed into a table. Upon seeing this, the patrol took a step back. Many of them had expressions of amazement on their faces.