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Word length = 64,000+

Lor Dak                                 Book Four


    In his quest to find the key that will unlock the mysteries of the Ancients, Lor Dak decides to end his fruitless search for the Jester. Instead, he plans to go to the Kingdom of Hadland to attempt to buy the key from the king, but along the way he encounters an extremely powerful and formidable monster.


    “So why can’t we travel through the tunnel? Is it blocked?”
    "It might be blocked, but that’s not the reason you can’t use it. Long ago it was discovered that anyone who went into the tunnel never made it to the other side, and also, never came back. Something inside the tunnel is killing anyone who enters. And I might add that even the witches fear the tunnel, for they will send no one in with the intention of sending them to Falshadow. And believe me, they would if they could. It would be much easier to recruit members for their armies.”
    “Oh great,” said Silver. “Here we go again. And won’t tell Lor Dak not to go into the tunnel, because he never listens to me, and I already know he plans to go. But I say to all of you who listening to me—do not follow Lor Dak into the tunnel. Remember what happened to Jac’s two brothers. It’s just not possible for Lor Dakk to protect everyone when he walks into a dangerous situation.”

. . . . .

    Lor Dak was his ever indifferent self, but there was a little concern in his voice when he said, “Once again I will warn all of you and strongly suggest that you stay behind until I find out if there is anything dangerous in the tunnel. It won’t delay us much if I have to send Silver to get you. And when everything is good, we’ll be on our way.”
    Lem leaned back in his chair and said, “I don’t think any of you should go into that tunnel—even you, the famous Indian. Take the time to find another route. It’s worth your lives. You think there’s nothing in there , but I’m telling you that for hundreds of years people went in there and never came out. It’s possible that the big monsters were having little monsters that grew up and continued to kill people. Or maybe there’s a sink hole. I mean that are a log different possibilities. And I’ll say it again—the witches would be using that tunnel if they could. I’ve heard that every few years they test it from their side of the mountain by sending one man in. when he doesn’t return they, they continue to take the mountain route.”