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Word length = 210,000+

Lor Dak                                         Book Three

Witch's Revenge

    In his quest to find the key that will unlock the mysteries of the Ancients, Lor Dak becomes involved with the rebels of the Kingdom of Falshadow. It is his intention to help them depose an evil king, and then he plans to continue on, while searching for the jester, who fled the City of Id with the key.


    Jac jumped up on the log—three paces down from Lor Dak. He outstretched his arm and hand and did a sweep, which included both sides of the road—indicating all the robbers. He yelled out, “Ladies and gentlemen, I suggest you not attack us. Why do I say this? Because you are outnumbered.”
    Herman gave Jac a funny look as if there was something mentally wrong with him.
    And Silver jumped up and down on Lor Dak’s shoulder and said, “What? Does Jac think he’s funny? There are twelve armed men and women getting ready to kill him.”
    Jac pointed at Lor Dak and continued, “This Lor Dak, the famous Indian from the Indian nations. And surely you remember what they say about Lor Dak: ‘if he comes north let the white man beware.’ And I say to you, it is true when in battle he is worth at least one hundred of you. And then there’s Maiden.” He pointed at her standing next to Lor Dak. “When you see her power and speed, you will run into the forest and cower.” He gave Maiden a big smile, and then he laughed and jumped to the ground.
    “Is this true,” laughed the big man. “Are you Lor Dak? Are you a walking, living legend?”
    Lor Dak had had enough chatter. With a single swipe he cut the fallen tree into two pieces. “Maiden,” he said softly, “use this part of the tree . . ..” He pointed at the top half on the right, “ . . . to take out the woman with the long bow, but don’t kill her.”
    Maiden set her crossbow on the dirt road, and walked forward and picked up the tree as if it were a stick. It weighed at least five hundred pounds. She turned and pointed it at the left of the woman—between her and a standing tree, and flung it with ease. It hurtled through space at an incredible speed. It was so fast that the woman had no time to duck nor to step to the side. The bulk of the tree missed the woman, but the spreading branches took her down hard and rendered her unconscious.