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Word length = 63,000+

Lor Dak                                              Book Two


    All those who had ever ventured into the City of Id, searching for the fabled treasure, never returned, and thus, the city had a reputation for being evil. And only those who were desparate for money would offer their lives to the fates as they searched for the lost city. They forged their way through the vicious jungle in the direction foretold by the myth. But they never returned.
    And then along came Lor Dak searching for a key.


    The constable raised his sword. “It appears I will have to kill you, unless you think you can scare me with some sort of make-believe weapon; in which case, I will still kill you.”
    “What I hold in my hand ,” returned Lor Dak, “is the most powerful sword on the planet. And since I do not wish to kill you, I will show you its power.” Lor Dak walked to an empty table five feet from his. He glared at the waitress standing by the swinging doors. “You sent for these fools, and now because of it, you will be one table short." He raised his sword and with a single stroke cut it in half. The whistling noise made by the sword caused an eyebrow to raise on the constable’s face.
    But the two halves leaned against each other, which made it appear that nothing had happened.
    Several of the patrons laughed, and a few others hooted, including the men who had been sitting in chairs along the walkway, but the constable wasn’t amused. “Whistling, indeed,” he said. “We are dealing with a crazy man.”
    “Yeah,” agreed the man to his right. “He’s a lunatic alright. He probably killed his master and stole the gold.”
    The constable nodded his head. “Which means we will have to put him in jail and hold him for a hearing.”
    One of the men, with the intention of herding Lor Dak out the door and down the street to the jailhouse, stepped forward and poked his spear at him.
    A high-pitched whistle once again invaded the room,, and with a quick swipe of his sword, Lor Dak cut off the end of the spear. It fell to the floor with a clanging sound as it hit the wooden planks. Then he reached over with his foot and gave the table a nudge. The two halves fell away from each other and made a loud noise as they landed on the floorboards.
    The man with the bulbous nose and the other two were the first to tuck their tails and run out the door of Ann's eatery. Then the constable and his two men took a step back as if they were about to turn and run away. Jac took a step forward to take a better look at the end of the spear laying on the floor and the table that had been cut in half. The patrons sat at their tables in awe. Some of them stood up and gaped.