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Lor Dak                            Book I

Lor Dak's Quest

    The Galactic super computers estimate that once every ten million years a child prodigy is born who could reshape the future of the Galaxy by becoming a power that cannot be stopped. The computers go on to state, however, that the conditions for this occurrence are so far-reaching that the Galactic Government need not be concerned that it will ever happen.
    But then along came Lor Dak.


    This woman was extremely knowledgeable—her use of the lights in the ceilings, illuminating the rooms, the hallways, and the stairwells, and her ability to form a young girl with the use of colored lights. These feats were testimony to her intelligence, nevertheless, she was evil to the core. There was a black aura about her. He would be careful how he talked to her. He didn’t want to give her too much information. “I was taught this language and others by Zee Zee, Master of the Castle of Zanthor. She also taught me what little there is to know about the Ancients.”
    A frown crossed the woman’s pretty face. “You lie,” she sad calmly. “Zee Zee would never take a backward Indian and teach him the secrets of the past. She knows, as I know, that knowledge can be used against you, especially when dealing with a savage.”
    “Then how is it I speak your language, and what could I possibly gain by lying about this?”
    For several minutes, which seemed like hours, the woman stood and stared at Lor Dak.
    Finally Kort whispered, “What does this woman want?”
    “She wants to turn us into rhonocks.”
    "Can she do that?”
    The woman finally spoke. “Of course I can do that,” she said without changing her expression.
    “Another witch,” said Kort. His face turned red with anger.
    “Definitely evil,” quipped Silver.
    “It would be better if you would let us go,” said Lor Dak. “I have power, and I assure you, you don’t want to test it."
    “Did Zee Zee teach you a few tricks? They won’t do you any good.” She turned and started toward the grey, metal cabinets.