Is, Ts, Infinity

by John Northern
Copyright November 1, 2015


   Infinity gives hope to every living entity on planet Earth. Every idea that exists in the realm of our imaginations exists in manifest form somewhere among all the infinite spatial bodies, including all the heavenly bodies that have yet to be discovered, and all the galaxies, the solar systems, the planets, and all the other known forms of matter in all the vastness of infinite space. This means anything you can think of exits somewhere in infinity. But these ideas can only exist if the conditions are right. The manifestations of these ideas are real as long as they do not violate the laws of physics, nor the philosophical laws of logic, and as long as the ideas can transform to Tspace. If these ideas have become a part of reality and if they exist somewhere else in infinity, then they can exist on Earth. The ideas and the hopes of humankind to find a cure for all the diseases, for all poverty, and to live in a peaceful world can become a reality. In this paper it will be shown that any idea that can transform to Tspace is a reality somewhere, and can become a reality on Earth. A better understanding of infinity will impact the human race dramatically in a positive manner if, and only if, the human consciousness of the Earth is guided in that direction.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1   The History of the Concept of Infinity
Chapter 2    Space, Matter, and Energy are infinite
Chapter 3    Time Dilation does not Exist
Chapter 4    How will the Understanding of Infinity Impact the Human Race?

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