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Word length = 116,000+

    In 1983 Janis and Louis began their walk around the United States from Nevada to Washington DC, then back across the country to California and back to Nevada. Janis was 61 and Louis was 57 when they started. By the time their journey was finished they were 62 and 58 taking them more than a year to complete their walk. During their adventure they were interviewed by President Reagan in the White House—wearing their backpacks and looking like mountain women. They were interviewed by many newspaper reporters, radio stations, and TV networks as they walked from town to town. In the beginning, a slew of reporters and a congressman from Nevada met with them on Hoover Dam to see them off.    Janis wrote an exciting book of their adventures as they traveled, but she could never find an agent who was interested, and she never found a publisher to publish her book. In 2010 she died at the age of 87. The next year I decided to publish her book for the eReaders. I only wish she could have been alive to see it.


    It was about midnight when my dreams were rudely interrupted by a wild scream from Louise. We had nestled down under the bridge for a good night’s sleep free from traffic and hitchhikers. I was blissfully dreaming of home when she screamed.
    I jumped to my feet and yelled, “What is it Louise? My God, what’s happening?”
    “A spider,” she said with a shaky voice. “A big, long-legged spider. He crawled on my face!”
    Expecting to see her body being crushed by a boa constrictor, or at least a wild tiger chewing on her, I sank back into my sleeping bag with relief.
    “I knocked him off,” she said most quietly.
    My suspicions were aroused immediately. “I hope,” I said slowly and menacingly, “that you didn’t knock him my way.”
    “I’m sorry, but I just hit him without thinking. Better check your bag, you might have a bed partner.”

. . . .

    Louise picked up her pack, swung it onto her shoulders, and I was just ready to raise mine when I saw the spiders. The back of her pack were literally alive with them. More than I had ever seen in all my life, big ones and little ones crawling on top of each other in all directions.
    I’m sure my screams almost scared her out of her body. I know they scared her out of the backpack. She didn’t stop to ask questions, she just let it drop offer her shoulders, and then she kicked it away from her.