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Word length = 114,000+

   It’s 1886 in northern Arizona when Billy McGraw is led into a mine, which in reality turns out to be an underground building where magic and science technology are at their ultimate. Billy uses both as he sets out to recover a treasure stolen from him by the Apaches. In this tale, John Northern describes Billy and Annie’s adventures as they encounter outlaws and Indians, who become their mortal enemies. When they finally catch up with the Apaches Billy finds much more than he had expected.


   Since Tom was looking in Billy’s direction, he was the only one who saw Billy vanish into thin air. Too exhausted to stay up on his elbow he collapsed onto his bedroll. “The kid just disappeared,” he said in a hoarse voice, and then he closed his eyes. “one moment he was standing there, and the next moment he vanished.”
   Jake whirled around and pulled his gun. A funny expression crossed his face as he looked at the spot where Billy had been standing a few seconds earlier.
   Jess pulled his gun. And at the same time Jed raised his rifle pointing it at Jake.
   But before any shooting could take place Jess yelled out, “Where’d the kid go? I turn my head for one second and he’s gone.”
   Jake looked at the spot and said, “I don’t know. He was just there.”
   Annie glanced over at the spot where Billy had been standing only moments before. “I told you,” she said. “You think he’s just a thirteen year old kid, but I’m telling you he’s more than that, and you aren’t listening. He’s so fast you can’t see him—you’ll never be able to see him. He moves among the shadows faster than the fastest animal on Earth. He has powers beyond your comprehension.” She hoped they understood the word ‘comprehension,’ but just in case they didn’t, she added, “powers greater than anything you could possibly think of. That’s how he was able to capture the Apache, and that’s why they call him the Shadow Kid. Do you get me now? He’s the Shadow Kid, (Annie decided to repeat it for effect), and that’s why you better leave while you can. Take your friend and git. “If not . . . . Well, I can’t see him either, but I know he has a gun pointed at you right now.”
   Suddenly there was a loud explosion and a puff of dirt sprayed up in front of Jake’s feet. He jumped back. “What the . . . .”
   “That’s impossible,” said Jess nervously as he studied the spot where Billy disappeared, and then at the sport where the bullet hit the ground. “No one can do that.”
   You just saw it, so you know he can do it. You better get out of here and tend to your friend while you still can,” repeated Annie with a little more emphasis. “If you think the Apaches are dangerous, the Shadow Kid is many times more so.”
   Tom groaned and tried to sit up, but he couldn’t. He had lost a lot of blood and wasn’t looking too good. It was obvious he was in a lot pain.
   “Let’s go,” said Jake.