It is not necessary for the ZFC to address any concepts that are forever false—concepts that can never be translated to Tspace.


   1. Cantor's Continuum Hypothesis has been relegated to Ispace for all eternity, which means it is inconsequential and has no effect on reality. This happened because of the different sized infinities, which cannot exist in Tspace.   
   2. Cantor's theorem is true. In a finite setting, the power set will always have a larger cardinality than its set.
   3. Cantor's Paradox, also, exists only in Ispace. The infinite Set of all Sets cannot exist in Tspace. But to solve the paradox in Ispace, it simply proves that the finite cannot relate to the infinite, because the infinite is too vast to have a comparison or a contrast with the finite.
   4. Russell's Paradox can't be solved for Tspace, because it will not transfer. It is therefore of no consequence and will have no effect on the life on Earth.
   5. In this paper, Ispace and Tspace have been instrumental in providing a new way to approach Cantor's CH, Cantor's theorem, Cantor's paradox, and Russell's paradox.
   6. Whenever an idea is proven 'forever false,' it should be listed in that category, so that the Big 3 will know where they are when doing research.
   7. Should the Big 3 continue to do research on concepts that are forever false? Yes, because it is possible that further research could come up with ideas that are transferable to Tspace.
   8. In this essay, a number of observations have been expressed.
      a. Numbers do not exist in Nature.
      b. Infinity cannot exist between two objects in Tspace.
      c. Different sized infinities cannot exist in Tspace.
      d. Cantor's CH cannot exist in Tspace.
      e. Paradoxes cannot exist in Tspace.
      f. Infinite sets cannot exist in Tspace.

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