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by John Northern
copyright 01/23/2015
Fifth Rewrite


   Cantor's research on sets and his creation of the continuum hypothesis, CH, in 1878, have become a perplexing problem for mathematicians with no complete and satisfactory solution. Some of the problems, which have emerged from the research conducted on sets, are the contradictions and the formation of paradoxes; more specifically, Cantor's paradox. As set theory began to evolve, another paradox surfaced, which was named Russell's paradox. This paradox stunned the world of Mathematicians, and has continued to be a problem to this day. The ZFC (Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory with the axiom of choice) have produced axioms to address the issues caused by Russell's paradox, but sometimes these too have come up short. In this paper, two concepts are used: Ispace (the imagination) and Tspace (three dimensional reality, where all things real exist), in order to shed new light on the problems of set theory, the CH, and the related paradoxes. This is a new method for solving these problems.

Table of Contents

Numbers, Including Infinity

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