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John Northern Science Fiction and Technology

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              The Two Sisters - Book One - The Magic of Bleary Lake
              Mirrorsin Magick - Book One - The Crystal Tower
              Ad Infinitum - Book One - Master of the Nine Steps   (Free)

              The Aeolian Master - Book One - Revival                   (Free)
              The Aeolian Master - Book Two - Zorg
              The Aeolian Master - Book Three - Galactus VII
              The Aeolian Master - Book Four - Invasion of Zire III
              Lor Dak - Book One - Diane
              Lor Dak - Book Two - The City of Id
              Lor Dak - Book Three - Falshadow
              Lor Dak - Book Four - The Jeweled Key
              Lor Dak - Book Five - Witch's revenge
              Cellar Door

              Literature of the Absurd
              The Case of the Schmoldenese Falcon
              The Case of the Snora Diamond Thief
              The Golden Fish 

         NON FICTION
              Off Our Rockers - A Tale of Two Grannies
              The Youth Continuum            (Free)
              Solving Zeno's Paradoxes      (Free)
Cantor, Russell, and ZFC       (Free)
Is, Ts, Infinity                        (Free)