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Word length = 193,000+

The Aeolian Master          Book IV


    The writings of John Northern bring to life the citizens of a planet in peril. Once again he depicts the evil androids as they begin their invasion with the intent of killing off the human race. As Ben starts out to stop the androids he is confronted with the belief that he cannot succeed. The odds are too great against him. Millions or maybe even billions of humans will succumb to the ghastly acts of the androids.

    New blue eyes, like the eyes of a new born baby, peered up in wonder. Movement from below occurred. The eyes looked down and watched in curiosity as an android in a white lab coat shut the small, metallic door. The skin, in front of the new android's brain and power plant, was flesh colored. The creases in the skin smoothed out until the stomach looked as normal as a human's. The android in the lab coat said, with of voice of indifference, "You can get up now."


    Ben watched the cars as they inched forward during the early morning rush hour, and then he turned his attention to the pedestrians on the sidewalk as they hurried past going in different directions. He, Lyil, Zira, and Starla were standing in the alcove of their restaurant. December was inside the restaurant giving the cook orders for breakfast for the five of them. Ben peered up at the high rise buildings across the street. He said, "The executive officers sit behind their desks in their fancy offices at the top of the high rises looking down at the people while making worldly financial decisions which will make themselves more money than the huge amounts of money they already have. Meanwhile their employees fight and struggle to get that next promotion, which will make them a bit more money and more prestige." He pointed at the people rushing by. "The average citizens go about their daily lives trying to make a living for themselves and their families by running small businesses or working for people who own small businesses. Others are working in the department stores, the grocery stores, the factories or the shipyards, and of course there are many other types of jobs that the middleclass work in to support their families. Then there are the low class citizens struggling from day to day just trying to stay alive. And finally, the homeless, who either don't have much hope for life or don't care about life. And you know what?" He didn't pause to wait for an answer, he said, "None of them have any idea of what is coming. But the homeless will be the most prepared, because they don't care, and they don’t have anything to lose. Even if we do find the secret base of the androids and even if we are able to destroy the pathogen before they can release it, the androids will nevertheless launch a full scale attack, and many of the people of this planet will be killed." Ben pointed at a man rushing by. "That man right there might be dead before the war has ended. And some, or more than some of the billionaires will be killed or their buildings and their businesses will be destroyed, and they will come toppling down—and they will fall from their penthouse suites and grand offices, and they will fall the farthest and the hardest. And then will come everyone after them."