science fiction novel

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Word length = 188,000+

The Aeolian Master          Book III


    War breaks out on the home planet of the Galactic Federation. G-staff personnel are turned against each other. Phasor bolts of demon-fire red—set to kill, and cool blue—set to stun, light up the sky. Phasor cannons tear apart the barracks of the G-staff.
    The outcome is chaos; exactly what Thorne, second in command of the Galactic Empire, was striving for. Now, he would be able to take control and become the Empire’s first emperor.
    But Ben has other ideas.

    A loud crashing sound, like thunder in the night, caused Lyil to roll over in bed and sit up. In a state of somewhere between sleep and semi-consciousness she was wondering if she had dreamed the noise. Suddenly another one, but this time louder and closer, caused her to jump out of bed wide awake with her adrenaline flowing like a broken water pipe. She knew it was no dream. She grabbed her phasor-proof vest off the stand next to her bed and started to put it. Just then a phasor bolt tore out the side wall of her bedroom. It caused a deafening explosion and catapulted her against the closet door. Her head hit the metal and her eyes rolled up into her head. She fell to the floor in a state of stupor and remained like that for several seconds. Finally, she regained enough consciousness to push herself up on her knees. Her body ached, and she had to shake her head in an attempt to chase away the blackness, which was closing in. Something is terribly wrong, she thought, and this is no time to blackout. Slowly she raised herself to her feet and slammed her hand against the palm switch to open the closet door. It squealed and groaned as it moved five inches then stopped. She put her hand against the frame and with the other hand she pulled the door open another two feet.
    She reached into the closet and pulled out a black, military body-suit and a black helmet. With a lot of effort she was able to put them on. She thought there was something else she was going to do when she got out of bed, but she couldn’t remember what it was.
    Two more explosions rocked the building, and caused her to drop to her knees. Suddenly her head started to ache. She reached up and felt a trickle of warm fluid coming from her scalp. She pulled her hand back with a palm full of red blood.