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Word length = 179,000+

The Aeolian Master          Book II


    Ben’s not happy when the Galaef, ruler of the Galactic Empire, sends him and his crew to Janus V—better know as the ‘witch world.’
    He curses the fates. He just meets a woman he could fall in love with, and his archaeological expedition has been highly successful, then suddenly he is thrust into a Martian civil war and a Galactic war at the same time. Then to make it worse he is being sent to a backward planet, which has no electricity, but, indeed has plenty of zorstras, who would love to kill him.
    But as it turns out, the zorstras aren’t the worst of it. He has the most horrifying experience of his life when he is forced to enter the city of no return.

    Seeks—leaders of the zorstras, don’t experience fear, even during the most stressful of times, nevertheless, Zema awoke from her deep sleep—her intuitive sleep, in a cold sweat.
    It was just past midnight, and Demos, the smallest of the three moons, was creeping over the horizon, and with its dim light it was casting ethereal shadows from the mountains upon the castle of Mount Zeen, and into Zema’s bedroom.
    Zema sat straight up and peered into the semi-darkness watching the gloomy images in her bedchamber playing across the walls like transient demons in the night. She wiped the sweat from her brow, got out of bed, and walked onto the balcony overlooking the courtyard of the castle and the city further below.
   The events of late had been like a sign of coming destruction. She shuddered in her nightgown on the cool Autumn evening. She had always considered the prophecy of the return of the Fallen Zorg as pure nonsense, just a story to keep the people content and hoping that their unhappy, insignificant lives would be cast out of despair. But now, she wondered, Could it be true? Will this be the final destruction of the zorstras?