science fiction novel

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Word length = 203,000+

The Aeolian Master                      Book I


    Ben Hillar, a galactic archaehistorian, gets into a tight spot when he discovers an ancient complex, which holds a man, or perhaps a mythical God, in a suspended animation chamber.
    The question becomes, should they revive him?


   Ben glanced down at the man in the suspended animation chamber. A wry smile crossed his face. “You know,” he stated, before the Galaef could leave the room, “the myth states that the Aeolian Master destroyed the inhabitants of ancient Earth by the billions.” Ben raised his head and looked at the Galaef. “You don’t suppose we’re bringing a monster back to life?”
   “Ridiculous,” replied the Galaef with a barely detectable nervousness in his voice. He turned and stormed out of the room.


    Sweat broke out on Viella’s forehead. In mind-shattering fear she ran with urgent strides to the frnt door of a clothing store. She started pushing the button and banging loudly on the metal barrier. She was desperately hoping someone was still inside working late. But it wasn’t so. And there was no answer. The door was locked as they always were at night
    She had gambled and lost. She turned and looked up. She watched in horror as the scent checked its flight. She clasped her hands over her head as the scent dropped from the sky.
    She stepped into a corner. She bent down and screamed.