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Word length = 15,000+

    In the mountains, on a wooden pier on the lake, Phillip catches a large fish, which emits golden rays into the dark of night. More miraculous than amazing, after he catches the glowing fish, a series of events take place, which will change Phillip’s life forever.

    As he approached he could see the gems sparkling with an eerie underwater moonlit shine. He reached out and grabbed a handful of stones, which appeared to be white diamonds and red rubies. He put them in his pocket. He grabbed more, but this time there were a few gold coins mixed in. He didn’t care. He had to move fast. He put them in his pocket. He would only be able to grab once more before shooting to the top.
    He reached out for more treasure when suddenly the intense chill was gone and he felt an unusual warmth. The pain in his lungs from the lack of air was no longer there. What was happening? He didn’t trust it. Just then he realized the cold water was decreasing his need for oxygen. He had heard of people drowning in icy water and being revived a half an hour later with no brain damage.
    Even though he continued to fill his pockets he hurried—he didn’t like having a false sense of security.. when he was finished he was about to swim to the top when he noticed a light coming from the bottom of the lake off to the right, around a bend.

    They walked across the living room and entered another room with a floor to ceiling window overlooking the park. There were more paintings and plants. Several mirrors were located in strategic places making the room look more spacious than it was. In the middle of the room was a large Jacuzzi. With a man and a woman sitting in the bubbling water.
    The man was a medium-height, medium-built, black man. The woman was of Asian decent, and she was absolutely beautiful.
    The man looked up and frowned.
    Phillip said, “I thought wise men wore white robes and lived celibate in dank, dark caves high in the mountains, and fasted for days and days in order to acquire their wisdom.”
    Roman smiled. “A most foolish notion. That’s just a stereotype that evolved in your world. Just because I have knowledge—why would I want to live any differently than you? In fact, knowledge makes me appreciative of the finer things in life.”
    “So, you know about my world.”
    “Enough that I’m never going back.” Roman pointed at an elegant, antique chest of drawers. “But enough of that, grab a swimsuit and a drink,” he pointed a bar, “or forget the swimsuit, just grab a drink and jump in the Jacuzzi.”